NOSLIP sticker guarantees maximum grip of the shoes on the ground, even in the presence of condensation and sweat on the parquet, tested by the best players at major sporting events. NOSLIP sticker can be applied with great ease and on any parquet flooring using a simple spatula. At the end of the use it is possible to remove it quickly and safely, avoiding any risk of damage to the flooring or annoying residues of glue and dirt.
The extreme opacity of NOSLIP sticker allows the maximum yield of television and photographic images.
The tested packaging of NOSLIP sticker guarantees the delivery in perfect conditions, ready to be applied on the playing field and shipped all over the world.

With NOSLIP sticker you can personalize your playground or your gym using a personalized and always up-to-date design.
NOSLIP sticker is a product gained from the experience consolidated by Oiko in 20 years as official FIBA provider and used in major national and international basketball events. All NOSLIP stickers have insurance coverage contracted with the Swiss company Helvetia.



Non-slip sticker Oikogrip gets applied very easily and immediately on any type of wood flooring using a simple putty knife and you can be sure to get a perfect result.


When you wish to remove Oikogrip non-slip sticker, the process will be fast and safe. You will not risk to damage the flooring and the sticker will not leave any sticky residue or dirt.


The experience we have earned in the world’s biggest basketball events has taught us to take care of every detail, like the maximum impact of images in TV and photos. Oikogrip sticker is very opaque and will contribute to capturing great images of the game.


Non-slip sticker OIKO guarantees the maximum traction on your shoes, even when there’s humidity or sweat on the court. Oikogrip has been tested by the world’s best players during the biggest basketball events.


The special packaging protects Oikogrip stickers, so that they will arrive perfectly safe and ready to be applied on the court. This has already been the case of over 1.000 of our shipments to 5 continents.